Saturday, 24 January 2009

Little peace of haven would be nice

I am armed with information. This morning I received my first copy of Palestine news, which is a magazine packed with stories and not with adverts. I did glance it quickly when the kids were playing but quickly noticed that really I need to be able to concentrate on what I am reading. There was lots of information news leaflets too. My husband told me that yesterday I received a phone call from Save the Children and I remember faintly e-mailing them when the first disturbing news came from Palestine at the beginning of the war. My new magazine is a published by Palestine Solidarity Campaign, and joining is not that expensive at all.

I noticed that I nearly fell into the same trap that we always do after something that horrible than the war in Palestine is over. You seem to be thinking:" oh thank God it's over!", and forget about it. I now still follow what happens in there and I am determined to help, no matter how little help I can give. I keep looking at the pictures that still are seeping out from the region despite of the fact that Israel tries to practise the sensorising policies, and I am deeply saddened of how we as human beings can still let this happen. Now these people don't only have nothing to eat, but nowhere to live either. And at the mean time the world leaders are shaking hands of the job well done. We almost seem to brush the problem under the carpet and try to forget about it. The most shocking to me is the attitude amongst some Zionists. They really don't mind of being racists. I see women of 10 years older to deny completely what has happened and blame other side, even though it was Israeli tanks who did not even have the respect for the dead they produced. As us in the western world have thought that these people are victims, it has left the window open to them to exploit the situation and they them selves are training their little children to use guns!!!! We are shocked about seeing images of child soldiers in Africa, but still are complete blind to little Zionist boys handling guns at the age of 4 in the name of self defense! This is hypocrisy at its worst!

I have placed an order to my first box of soap from Palestine, which will be processed on Monday. I have nearly sold the box already. I am also planning to do some Palestinian soap parties, so insh-Allah, this idea will take on. Instead of giving free gifts, I would like to make information packs, invite ladies that I know of are interested of what is happening in the area. Try to sell as much Palestinian goods as possible and make the boycott even more effective this way. I would like to think that I am doing the responsible selling this way. Who knows, maybe I can even find a skin care system made from olive oil!!!!

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Umm Hibaat said...

Assalaamu Alaykum,

Ma sha Allah Nora, it's so nice to see so much enthusiasm. I know what you mean about the trap. It's so easy for us to "move on" and the media encourages it too as we're no longer watching as much of the situation (no matter where in the world it may be). I do think you can come up with a skin care system based on live oil in sha Allah. It's great for the skin! I've yet to get ahold of the Palestinian Olive soap. But I will ask around in sha Allah.
Well done sis and keep it up!