Saturday, 3 January 2009

More of loosing the hair

As promised I will now continue to write about this subject of which we as women are a bit scared of.

Sometimes we can loose hair, because we keep pulling our hairs too much. I would think that this may be the cause of some hair loss with muslim women.
When we tie our hair back because of the head scarf all the time every day, the hair shaft will give in because of the stress and we start loosing hair. This happens ecspecially if we tie the hair too tight. This is recognised condition and it is called traction alopecia. Again if this is the case, there is no other remedy to improve this than a patiency and loose the pony tail.

Hair is a sensor of what is happening in our bodies. Some illnesses can cause a hair loss, or hair could loose a "bounce" because of the treatment of the illness. Generally if a person has a long term illness, it can show as a weakness of the nails and hair. Nails can become britle and hair would just fall out. Obviously this is out of our control, and as we get better, then so does the condition of the hair and nails. Sometimes they could need a bit special attention, however, as the time goes by, a lot of moisturising and pampering does wonders. What ever the cause of the hair loss, I urge you not to get these expensive oils that are on the market to promote hair growing. They do not make the hair grow. Sometimes the oils could improve the condition of the scalp, but they would not make the hair grow. Only the time and patiency will make th hair grow.

There are some infections, which could make the hair fall. If you have an itchy scalp and the hair is falling off in patches, see the doctor to rule out any infections. They normally spread easily, so make sure that no-one uses the same comb as you do. On these conditions, you would have a course of medicine and they would be treated, but again you would have to let the hair grow on its own pace.

If these do not answer to your questions, then I would think that it may be the time to look for business listings in your yellow pages and look for the trichologist. They are specialised people for scalp and hair problems.
I hope I have been a little bit of a help and feel free to ask questions. I will answer to them as much as I can.

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