Thursday, 8 January 2009

Ground zero and two fronts

219. Remember this number, as there are 10 dead Israelis in this conflict.
Up to date Palestine is estimating that there are 219 children dead out of 700 dead people. Their snipers shoot medics, this has been witnessed on the video. They say that they are not targetting civilians, but they are destroying their homes, killing them, asking them to move from away of bombs, shelling UN schools, and yet, no help from surraunding Arab countries. Only this morning, there were few rockets launched from Lebanon, which is the first attempt of solidarity amongst the Islamic world. What is wrong with the great Muslim world? Why would we not help our brothers and sisters? Don't we have a voice in the international political athmosphiere, even though arabic as a language covers one fifth of the world population. Are we really so weak as an Ummah that we can not make things happen, or is this just a myth that has been given to us?
I believe that if we would unite, we would be able to push the world to bring justice to Palestine. One voice is weak, but a choir reaches a huge audience.
We have enought evidence on tape to proove that Gaza has been suffering war crimes, and I think that the time has come to make the people responsible accountable. For too long has Israeli authoroty been over looked for their war crimes. Once this war finishes, I think it is time to turn our heads towards Arab leaders and demand justice for Palestine and to UN to demand the justice for the people who were killed and murdered on ground.
Palestine is the biggest ground zero in the world. How many homes have been destroyed. When the Israeli troops leave Palestine, who is leaving to gather the ruins back to homes for the broken families? There is no bigger trauma in the world than this. Somehow these people need to find the power and willing to build their houses again, maybe just for another attack from Israel. Once we share a tier to those who have been killed in terrorist attacks all over the world, then please share a tier to those 219, babies who have been killed in Gaza. I think these two fronts are not Israeli fronts, as they will get the help and money to fix their displaced roof tiles> Palestine is the one facing the fronts; they have to count their dead and they have to build their homes from nothing, since they lost everything in to the rubble. These are the fronts in this war.

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