Thursday, 15 January 2009

Fair trade alert!!!!

As the days go by, the war gets more intense all the time. Today The journalist in Al Jazera gave some names and information of circumstances of some children and how they died. They are talking about the information war, of which I am part of, and they are talking about the value of the Palestinian people. Israel still fails to recognise the fact that this war has gone too far. They are stating that Israel has suffered years of terror from Palestinian site, which is probably true, but they fail to tell how they have cut the electricity, gas and clean water from Palestinians. us here UK, most of the mothers do not have an opinion on this, or then they don't want to offend me. I tell them what I have seen on the television, they don't like it, and most of them say; "You see, this is why I don't watch the news.... "
I am trying to put my feet between the fair trade door, as we are boycotting Israeli goods. I try to implicate the boycott to the full power and look for the fair trade products, which are made by Palestinians. My e-mail contact from Israel, who is working with Palestinians to promote Palestinian fair trade sent me this message: " Right now there are no physical impacts on the daily life in Israel, so we do not expect any delays in lead times etc. However, the whole atmosphere is not in favor of fair trade ideas. Sindyanna now a days spent a lot of efforts in activities to stop the war. "

I have managed to gather some goods from UK and also have found me a supplier who makes it possible for me to sell the goods with no profit basis. I have had lots of interest as these products are not only fair trade, but also they are organic. This must be a winning combination for all of those Palestinians suffering at the moment. People are saying that this is not a war against Hamas, it is now clear that this is a war against Palestinians. Even the journalists in Palestine have had enough, they have joined forces and are sitting in the media tower in Palestine as a protest against the number of journalists Israelis have killed.

Earlier today I saw a explosion from Palestine, this was something that looked in the middle of block of flats. It was a big bang, black cloud of smoke rose up in to the sky and I thought all of those people who have hurt them selves either by the direct hit of the explosion or the rubbish that the pressure wave will through to the air. More death, more injuries. Alhamdulillah, some people now have managed to go to Egypt for the hospital treatment.

I can not believe that this is happening in the modern time. A human is an evil to another, I think this is a living proof of it.

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Candice said...

I want to thank you for writing your posts on Palestine. You have the best blog following what's going on and encouraging people to do something. Or at the very least being aware. It's hard to think that this can be happening in modern times, you're right, and I *almost* just want to shut it out and live on not thinking about what is happening to fellow human beings... But I surely won't.