Sunday, 4 January 2009

Facts of Palestine

I have awaken. I might been a bit naive when it comes to Palestine, but now, I am just shocked, that this injustice that has taken place the last 60 years, is reaching the limits of ignorance like nothing else before.

As a state, Palestine has been occupied by first Turkish ottomans and then 1918 - 1948 by Brittish. Israel was created 1948, of which Palestinians opposed, but they were never heard. This resulted in the ethnic cleansing of two thirds of the Palestinian population and the Israeli occupation of 78 per cent of the land.

To the present, Israeli government is harassing and steeling the land that is not rightfully theirs. According to the United Nations resolution 194, the Palestinians should be able to return to their homes, but Israelis have always opposed this and today there are over 6 million Palestinians who are living as refugees in their own country.
Palestinians are continually under attack from the Israeli occupying forces and are increasingly harassed by settlers, who attack farmers and steal their land. Collective punishments, such as prolonged curfews and house demolitions are frequently imposed.

I think that the reason why it is possible that people are treated this way, even though almost everyone has an opinion on this, we just sit in our comfortable living rooms and watch from the tele the suffering of Palestinian people.
What would happen if all of us would do something, even the small thing for those people. If we all write to our local mp or governor, if we all spend 15 minutes of our lives to actually doing something. Now I want to do something and I have already by joining to an organisation, which promotes justice for Palestinians. As my previous post, I would like to go and pray with lots of other people, not only Muslims and see if our voices are heard. Please, I urge you to do something, even just a dua will help the cause.

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hijabee said...

As I watch what's happening, I am speechless and hopeless but above all, I am angry!