Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Smoke on the water

The situation is bad, nearly 1000 dead civilians, people who, even if they have not injured, but they have not slept because of the fear of getting hit. Imagine running week after week without a sleep, only few hours here and there. There are over 4000 injured in hospitals, and nobody knows how many there are in the rubble to be pulled out.
My Lina said to me in the car this morning: "Mum, there are lots of Jews killing lots of Muslims".
I told her: " No Lina, it is not that simple. It is true that there is a war, but we can not say that the Jews are killing Muslims, because there are lots of Jews who don't support this war." How do you explain to a 7 year old what is happening to our brothers and sisters? I am speechless. This war does not have an implication only in Palestine, but also here. This little peace of land has always been close to peoples heart, in one way or another. UN is looking into sending an independent body to investigate the claims of the war crimes, which of the evidence can be seen in our televisions every day. I think this may be the make or brake of the credibility test to UN, the only problem being of that Israel is not part of the CCI. I find this weird, especially considering that international community allowed them to hunt down the Nazi criminals and bring them into a justice. Disappontedly, it seems now a days the law is not the same to all. Shame. The most intense fighting yet, and it just gets more intensified. Looks like for the Gaza strip, there are more chapters to be written.

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