Monday, 12 January 2009

Too little too late

Now when the dead toll in Gaza is closing to its first thousand, UN has decided to issue a statement which will put Israel into a very bad situation. They are now calling for war crimes. We have seen this happening now 17 days. I have not seen Hamas soldiers carried to hospitals, but I have seen plenty of children, old men, women. I have seen young girls their legs amputated, I have seen children shot by a sniper, I have seen burnings on the skin caused by white phosphorous and I have seen and heard the desperation of the doctors, international doctors calling for ceasefire to end the casualties flowing in and to give people the fair chance to recover them selves and bury their families. None of this has been given to them, humanitarian help has been denied from them and there are areas where the press can not go due to a Israel denying the access. The whole crisis keeps escalating and one wonders what we will find out once no gun fire can be heard in the air any more. The truth is, the ones who reach the hospital are the ones who can go one way or another. There are lots of people who are not able to reach the hospital, who have been left to die. They may still be alive, but suffering from the injuries which are severely infected, and they are facing a slow painful death. These can be anyone, they are lying under the rubble, probably calling out and they can hear people on the top of them. There could be whole families under there, slowly fading away until their corpses are found. How many there will be only Allah knows, but we wish that who ever is there, will have an easy passing. Insha-Allah!

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