Sunday, 11 January 2009

Little break and good sauna

What a misery, no positive news from Palestine, yet another little boy was blinded and orphaned by a shell. It is now obvious that they are using white phosphorous, as tv shows how children are playing with it on streets. They say:" This is a new weapon, we have never seen anything like this before! " Israeli soldiers are asking people to evacuate, but where can they go. There is no safe place in Gaza, and Egypt do not let people to come over the border. How can a Muslim treat another Muslim like this? Kids have moved upstairs to their room because of the daily dose of the boring Al Jazera. I am glued to a television, so much so that the appetite to dear husbands football is seriously getting disturbed. Too much news he says..... me I don't care, this is the first time the situation have done a complete home run into my mind.

I went to Finnish Seamens Mission Church today. It is supported by Finnish protestant church, but there are people from all the walks of life gathering, the mutual thing is that we are all Finnish or we have connections to Finland. The most important thing is that they have a real sauna there, no rubbish dodgy back alley thing, but the real Finn pride. I went there with my friend to relax and talk. She is Muslim like me and supports the Palestine like me. To get out and to have some fresh air, oh how do you appreciate it when you know that this is the privilege some people don't have. Simple things in life become valuable. And of coarse, I spent more than I really should have on Finnish food, and now as I am sitting and writing this, I am munching the tastes that I have not had for ages. This has given me a much needed break, which again, my sisters and brothers can not have. My heart goes out to them and insha-Allah, I will be able to do something more.

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Ines said...

Very disturbing news indeed. May Allah reward you for all your efforts to aid the suffering palestinians, ameen.