Friday, 2 January 2009

Help for thinning hair

A sister with concerns of her hair thinning inspired me to write this, and hopefully I can offer advise or help to anyone who is suffering from hair loss. If you can not solve the problem or work out the cause of your hair loss, then I would suggest that you could pay a visit to a professional trichologist, who would be able to give you an accurate advise on hair problems of all sorts.

It is perfectly normal to loose some hair daily. Normally we do loose approx 100 strands a day. The hair starts thinning, when this number grows considerably and there is not enough new hair growing to cover the lost hair.
The most common reason for loosing hair would be hormonal changes. When we are pregnant, it is vary common to loose hair, or when we reach the menopause, the hair could thin out. If you are loosing hair and have been pregnant recently or breast feeding a baby, then it is normal to loose hair. The only cure is to be patient and trust that it will grow back.
You could also have a hereditary hair loss, and again there is nothing much you can do about it. There would be the obvious cosmetic solution to add some fake hair, but as muslims, we are not allowed to do this and also, this could promote further loss due to an extra weight and stress this would put on remaining hair.

Some chemical services can be a cause for hair loss. Excessive chemical straightening or coloring would ultimately cause a hair loss. The only cure for this would be to stop the use of the chemicals and a good cut. When the hair is thinning, a good hair cut would be essential, as this would lift hte hair, give an illusion of good volume and healthy hair. After a new hair is formed, the volume should build up again, unless there is a damage on the scalp. I have seen one case during my time in hairdressing, where the propable cause of thin hair would have been an over processed permanent waving, in this case, the scalp was slightly burned by the chemicals and the hair did not grow back. This is why it is very imnportant to have any chemical service done in the good reputation hairdressing salon or with the freelance, who is able to proof the qualifications they have had and that the insurance is valid.

I will continue this on a later post, but hope this will help anyone who is suffering and if not, feel free to post or leave a message to me and I will try to help you as much as I can.

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