Sunday, 25 January 2009

Protecting the criminals, isn't that a crime?

Yesterday in news one of the topics was that Israel is holding the names of the soldiers who battled in Gaza, just in case they committed war crimes. The country, who claims to have a high morality and who states all the time that they only want to defend them selves, is protecting possible criminals. They must know what crimes have been committed. In the way this just shows that they do recognize that some actions, which are not really permitted, were committed in Gaza. They also state they want to build the best possible defense for these soldiers who were involved. I think that the morality in this is completely up side down. Firstly, what army would be proud of soldiers who don't respect civilians, but kill them or injure them on purpose. Isn't that what war crimes is all about? Hurting people who have no means to defend them selves? How could you claim a victory over innocent blood?
Secondly, I personally find it very disturbing that one nation would be able to put them selves above the law. Unfortunately there are countries who are willing to support this kind of behaviour, even though they would be very tough in their own laws about killing and they claim that they serve the justice. So if they are so keen to serve the justice, then why is it not for every man? Is Palestinian blood worthless?
It seems to me that in this age of video games and new technology, even though we get more information of what really happens, we are more blind. It is ok to lock hundreds of men into the cages without a prosecution of what they were supposed to do, often without any evidence. But when people are starving, they have no electricity, no medical equipment and they have been told to just get on with it, then they would not be allowed to moan. After all, it seems to be only the needs of one country that are met in these situations. Who cares about an individual?

As a Muslim, I think that we need to start to look after our own brothers and sisters. We need to help to building Palestine. We need to, and I feel as brothers and sisters, we have the obligation of helping those who are sleeping under the sky, for those children who have lost their parents, for those who are in the hospital suffering from injuries caused by this senseless war. There are several ways of doing this. One could do what I do, trying to get my hands on Palestinian goods and sell them with no profits. Families could sponsor an orphan to go to school and to be looked after properly. If you go to meetings, you could help collect the money to buy olive trees, building materials for the houses, donate clothes to people who lost everything. There are ways, and now more than ever we need to get together as one ummah. This is the only way we can become one multi power, who really has the say of their own position in the world politics. If you think that you can not do anything, think what you are good at. You can sell cakes for Palestine. You could invite your friends for the afternoon tea or Coffey, but this time they would pay you a little bit towards the charity. You could do grafts for Palestine. You could take the message further, anything will help the cause. Little information packs you could easily collect from the Internet can be very effective. It is not a question what you can not do, it is a question, what you could do. It is true that one man can not do much, but our only hope is to get together and act as one. And remember, what ever money is very little for you, it might be a dinner for the family who is struggling, or ti could be a start of the long term family business which is supporting the whole community. It could be a part payment of a cow, or payment of a chicken, which are going to provide either milk or eggs for the family. When you have nothing, anything is welcome.

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