Saturday, 3 January 2009

Would YOU pray for Palestine?

Palestine and its people are facing a horror beyond the means. Innocent people are dying as we speak and all we can do is to watch how the leaders of the world are just letting this to happen.
Israeli government is claiming that the situation is like this because of Hamas, but they don't tell that people of Palestine have been living without a medication, without electricity, without water, without lots of things for the last few months. They are watching their occupants to have all the luxury at the same time than they have been deprived the chance to farm their land, to harvest their olives. The basic human rights have been taken away from them, even though countries which are doing so are participants on the United Nations Human Rights Act.
We need to support our Muslim sisters and brothers, not with violence, but with kindness and silent determination.
So I am calling you sisters, I am trying to arrange something different, something more Islamic than anger and shouting.
I am asking you, would you pray for Palestine? Would you join to the group of praying people in the park, if you would know they were there 24 hours praying for Palestine?
Only thing you would have to take with you, would be your prayers mat and the water bottle to make wudu. Would you do this? And if you are an Imam who reads this, would you lead the prayers 24 hours for Palestine? And if you are not able to pray, would you be able to help those who can by offering them hot drinks if it is cold or offering them warming blankets?
Could we do something like this as a one big Muslim ummah?
I would, so would you come to pray with me?


Anonymous said...

Salam, i stand with you with this Paivi, insha Allah.

Anonymous said...

Assalaamu alaikum,

This is a fantastic idea - I will be keeping an eye on the forum and your blog to see any further developments on this idea.

Umm Ibrahim

Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

i hope this can happen for the brothers and siters suffering.