Friday, 16 January 2009

1 100 people killed and one Hamas leader

So, for their reports of the first killed Hamas leader they had to go through 1 100 people. Not only they killed the leader, they also killed his family, his brother, his kids, his wives and about 300 others. But they had their target. UN is calling for war crimes and Israeli ambassador is upset, because on his opinion this is a racist attack to Jewish people.
I regularly read and comment Your views in Al Jazera web site and I find it really unbelievable what some people say. There was a comment from someone few days ago saying: " We are the people God chose, so no matter what we do we are always right. " This seems to be an attitude amongst lots of young Jewish people. I can not see how this war is going to bring justice to anyone, no Jewish or Muslim. This adds into the hatred which is already there towards both sides, and as wise as we are, it makes it really hard for some people to separate the difference between a Jew and Zionist. I my self think the Jews has the respect towards Arabs and Islam. We are cousins, from the same family. The problem rises when some greedy people have been give too much power. In any structure this is just going to cause problems.

I will soon order my first box of olive soap and even market this in the school for other mums. I also have been planning, how and where to use the possible profits, and I have now ended with two possibilities: Islamic Relief and further the orphan program, and olive trees. I can sponsor olive trees. Can you believe, it only costs £5.00 to plant an olive tree to Palestine but this one tree can be a gift of life. I will add the details to the end of this post. The picture above is just one example what they can do out out of it too.

Whilst I am writing this I can not get a comment made by Israeli foreign minister saying that they will stop when they assess it has been enough. Enough of what???? Killing? Are you not satisfied yet? Listening to their comments, it now starts to be obvious that this was planned a long time ago, and they have no hesitation to wipe out the entitled Gaza population if needed. I see nasty smiles on their faces and I can not understand, what is there to smile about in the whole situation? some journalists have been killed, doctors have been killed. UN food storage have been burned down, and three hospitals have been bombed. It looks as if the people chose by God decided to give hell to the earth.

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Adventurous Ammena said...

subhanallah... i wonder if the prime minister will be set upon and tried for his actions like Sadaam was a few years ago.

I await the details of the trees insha'allah