Friday, 9 January 2009

Smoke in the air

Today, as the war will carry on the third week, I thought that Israelis can not stun me any more. Well I was wrong. Not only are they ignoring yet another resolution of UN of immediate truce, but now they have brought White Phosphor into the war and heavily lived area. So they are doing now, what was done to them in the concentration camps.

I quote Wikipedia what the gas does and the impact on humans:-

Effects on humans

White phosphorus can cause injuries and death in three ways: by burning deep into tissue, by being inhaled as a smoke, and by being ingested. Extensive exposure in any way is fatal.

If this is not a massacre, I do not know what do we have to see in order to classify something as a genocide. The land is valuable for Israel and if they can not get the land with talking then comes the action. And what kind of action!!!!

They are willing to gas babies, women, elderly, anyone or anything living in the area. You can not control gas. It goes where the wind takes it. Babies breath it in and die. It lands on the skin and causes third agree burns, which then will get infected, not to mention how pain full they are and you can die. This is a hell on earth.

Today I will start to crochet baby blankets, because one day insha-Allah this war is finished and there are lots of people who need all those things they lost when Israelis bombarded their houses. I am also now wearing my 20 year old, the real thing, Palestinian kuffiyar to show my position on this debate. I ordered another new one from online from They do Palestinian goods to support Palestine and these are also Fairtrade certified. I have bought olive soap from another online shop who do fairtrade goods for Palestine, which is called

I feel so frustrated. I am on hands person and I like doing. I would like to be there and do. Earlier today I was chatting with 12 year old Iraqi girls on line who lives in Finland. She was sad about the situation too. She said she would like to help. I told her if she wants to help, she could collect pencils and writing books for Palestinian children. One day insha-Allah they will go back to school and they need them. Even just a paper and crayons, one day these children will need some counselling on what they have seen and then material to draw would be useful, so they could with qualified help, process and understand what has happened to them. Right now I can watch television and pass the message on. But I know once this killing is over, they will need everything. They will need pots and pans, they will need water, they will need seeds to grow vegetables, they will need everything that you expect to need to run the home. the thing is, they have to start from the scratch again.

I will pray for all of these innocent people who are dieing. May Allah reward the place in Jannah for them.

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