Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Notes and observations

I was watching Al Jazera last night. All the news are related to the Palestinian conflict, which is going on. There are programs, where well educated people from both sides are debating the cause of this present situation.
I find it surprising, that Jewish side of the debate is only referring to the fact that there are rockets being launched to Israel. They do not see that the roots of this conflict go way beyond this. Just in case there is one reading this, please let me try to explain.

Thousands of years, ever since Jewish people have shared the land of Palestine with Palestinians, for some reason they thought that it is ok to treat people like second class citizens. Never mind the fact that they came to Palestinian land. The justification to all this is that this is the land God promised to them. Well even if this would be the case, do you think that God was only kidding when he gave the ten commandments, or maybe there was a small print saying: "This does not apply, if you are a Zionist living in the future Israel and want to have some action into your life.... " Obviously I am referring to the ones that says do not steel and do not kill. Now, to me, taking something that was not yours in force and not giving it back to the rightful owner is steeling. In the western world it is called a robbery. So in this way, Palestinians were robbed by Jewish people. I think even if the land was promised to them, God did not mean go and steel it. He most likely meant share it. Sharing the land was taken away from Palestinians, when UN Resolution 194 was never applied. Under UN Resolution 194, the Palestinians have the right to return to their homes, but Israel has always refused to implement the Resolution, and it was never held responsible of this. During the last 40 years, Israel has built over 200 illegal settlements to Palestinian soil, which are housing over 500 000 settlers. The recent wall has been built on Palestinian soil to shrink the living space of the native people even more. Israel is pushing people out from their land and acts as a big bully, which unfortunately gets lots of support from western governments.
We are running all over the world to defend the justice, but for some reason, Palestine has been less than a small priority on our list. Most people are not aware of what is happening in there as they see only one side of the story and often the story is a result of the well blogged Israeli propaganda one. To make people to see what really is happening, we need to give them a truthful image of the situation. This does not happen with anger and shouting. We do this, we are only enforcing an image of the people who have slightly lost it. We need to explain calmly what is happening in there. We need to show them pictures, give out facts about the Palestine. We need to show them the map of Palestine, show them how farmers have been thrown out from the homes they and their families have been farming for generations. All this needs to happen calmly. It does not matter how angry we get, we have to keep this on the side for the sake of our brothers and sisters who are suffering. This is the only way we can win people to join our cause.
I urge you sisters, 60 years of injustice makes everyone angry and frustrated, but please try to keep your cool. This matter deserves it.

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Candice said...

Thanks for posting this... I really am upset about all that is happening. And you're right from your other post that everyone should do at least a little something. I will find a way to be implicated...