Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Celebrity Scissorhands

Another series started. I am excited and at the same time, I do feel sorry for all of those clients, who come there for a hair cut.
I must say, they have produced some horror cuts, cuts that are beyond the belief. I do not konw how general public can let these people roaming free on their hairs, and even some professional hair dressers. I know it is all for the charity, but still, you have to face an every day life after the chair that chops your hair off, sometimes leaves bold patches all over your head. All that depends who is cutting though. Some of these celebrities have a talent, and they do become good cutters, but some of them, hide the scissors from them for ever! And sometimes as by accident, they produce something that actually looks quite funky and good, well it could if it would be finished professionally, but the idea is there. And on those moments, here I am sitting and thinking, why was I not there? why I could not come up with that hair cut. I just have to take it in and think, well my time is yet to come. A little more studying, a little more trying different things, and then, my time will come.
Todays show, hair raising, scary, horror with or without a hair. Some people say that the show makes them laugh, me, it makes my stomack to turn around, and I am begging on my sofa, oh please, dont do that, she has to go to work tomorrow..... They don't hear me, they just carry on. But can't they see that they have gone too far, or is it that they can, but they just carry on in desperate hope that somehow it will be ok. And what about all of those clients? They all sit there and smile, and they are happy. Give points 8 out of 10, and I am watching thinking:" 4, no more than 4!!!!!!"
But there we go, it is all done in the name of the charity, and I am happy for all those brave people who donate their hair and dignity for the children who need help. Thank you, only in Brittain!

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