Monday, 24 November 2008

Hunting freebies!!!!

I have not been here for a while, I have been quite busy. I am on the mission to hunt as many freebies as possible. Currently I am after free mascara and Tomtom. I know, sounds really sad, but during the credit crunch I suppose every penny helps. I have been working a lot too. People do not have the money to spend any more and they rather look for the basic services at the bargain price. Well, I don't mind. I have gained some new customers and slowly but surely I am growing. I have also taken on to loose some weight. I know that this is the life long battle between me and the chocolate, but this time I have not set myself any goals, only just set a little steps to change the snacking and eating habbits. And in order to feel good about all of this, I have banned all the scales from my house. I see if I lost anything if the dress size goes down. Above all of this kids have been a bit ill, husband has been busy working and let's face it, the clock has not enought hours to fit everything in.
My freebie hunting has reached new hights thoug. I have joined sites to get free mascara ( )and free Tomtom ( Only thing I need to do is to sign for an offer and then refer other people to join too..... Some things in life have been made easy. I always choose the free option for the offer, for example for the mascara I chose to order a free catalogue from Next and for Tomtom I chose to get a free dvd rental trial. Why not? At this society of spending, if you can grap some things for free and be a little bit of a winner at the end of it, then I would say well done. We are paying for everything, so its nice that for once someone is paying for us.

My course for Indian Head Massage is going fine and I am planning to sign in for the diploma course at the beginning of the January. Then by July, I would have my qualifications to add on my certificates. At least I am doing something positive to educate myself. In general, the life goes on quite smoothly at the moment and I haven't got many dramatic events to report really. Soon I will be needing volountieers for pampering to practise on..... I am sure that this is a service that people just are looking forward to. So life in general is good, alhamdulillah!

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