Tuesday, 7 October 2008

It was not me!

This morning everything has gone suspectively well. Kids were up without any complaining and even my eldest daughter understood without tantrum, when I explained to her that the reason she is tired would be that she does not go asleep when I ask her to go to bed. Amazing! Does this mean they are growing up? I mean they are only young, so there is no hurry really, but it was nice to have a calm morning for a change.

I took girls to school and maybe their bad mood has been transferred to others, because there were some parents arguing by the school gate. This was due to a parking. Some people do not understand the meaning and the purpose of the yellow zic zac, they don't realise that it is there to make sure if a child decides to run on the other side of the street, he can be spotted early enough to avoid an accident. They just feel they are sooooo tired and park straight in front of gates despite the fact that it is dangering other peoples lives. But we need to see this on the other way; what about if it was your child who would be knocked by the car because there was not enough visibility? Or if it was you who would drive over a child? I am sure that in large we all agree not wanting to experience this.

Last night my dear friend Sharon and I had a chat in the internet. We spoke about our college. She is currently doing level 3 in college. To do a level 3 in hairdressing, you need to work in a salon. She is deaf, and she found it hard to get a job, but finally got a work placement in afro salon in her area. Good luck for her! I hope she will do well.
If you are mobile hairdresser, that will not count to get a place in a college for level 3. Why? because they think that you are not serious and to you this is only a hobby. Now correct me if I am wrong; I thought that if you are serious about something, it is because this is your attitude, not because of the place you are working in. So the way I see it is, I do my own advertising, I do my accounting, I do my own stock take, Inland Revenue return, I don't have a receptionist because I do it all, I also plan ahead my business, decide how can I and how long am I willing to travel to do work and also if I would travel a bit further, how far that would be and how many clients I would have to have before it was a cost effective. I decide about my promotions and my selling prices and as a small business find it extremely hard to compete with Superdrug, because I don't have the same buying power. So to say I don't take this seriously is a bit of under statement. I probably am more serious about my job than a girl next to me who works in Tony & Guy as a stylist. On the top of this, when I put across my reasons of having difficulties of having a job in a salon, mentioned that I don't work on mens' hair and if working in a unisex salon, I would wear my head scarf, I was told by the head of a department that I should have thought of my career choice then a bit more ???? !!!!! Now how does that work out then? I am a muslim and want to be a hairdresser. So does this mean that in order to have a job, I need to take my scarf off? No way, I am not compromising my beliefs. And when the teacher of the college says that they find the people struggling the most in level 3 are the mobiles, and therefore they have done a decision not to take them, well I would ask about the quality of the teaching then. This rule in my eyes is braking equal opportunities, of which the college is so proud of. We don't have equal opportunities. The only people who would give us equal opportunities are the ones who are muslims by them selves. But hang on, aren't we suppose to integrate into the society, well I am trying, but can not run through the doors which are being closed in front of me. So its never really any ones fault, it is just an unfortunate twist of circumstances. What can I say?

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Adventurous Ammena said...

silly people :( Im sorry you had to go through this sis.. so will you do level 3? insha'allah