Monday, 20 October 2008

Salon International

It is now over and experienced. Couple of weeks waiting and excitement, and then this afternoon, slight disappointment. I was expecting some real education. I had set my mind to receive tons of information, but no...... most of it was selling things. I already have plenty of stuff. I don't really need any more. I am enthusiast about learning though. I want to see lots of new colors, new techniques how to make different finishes on hair. I want to get ideas so I can practise with my dollys and see what looks good and what may be not. I wanted to see Wella stand, I wanted to see L'Oreal stand and Matrix, but I saw none of them. Some of the biggest names in the industry and they were not there. I have noticed lately that it is so hard to get education from Matrix anyway. What a shame, they really don't realise how much of the market they end up loosing. I chose them to be my semi-permanent color range, but no information, difficulties to get color books and no tools on marketing their products at all. So to me, as a mobile it is difficult to market this to the client. I am only comparing on the fantastic support that I receive from Indola. It seems to me that for them, all the stylists are valuable. I always get the support I need, they are helpful and just visiting their stand, I was told to join to their point scheme which is running and they will give me free stuff.

I must say, there were two stands that I found really good;
Habia, educational as always, it is all about education and regulation of the industry and
Wahl, to my biggest surprise, Wahl is not only about clippers!!! Positive surprise, even though I knew that they do hairdryers, cause I have the limited edition pink one, they also do curlers, hearted rollers, heated bendis, the range is wide and almighty. And I loved their show, so did all the young girls who were screaming to the young boys on the stage...... They did have a lots of fun in there, but also , they really did the show case what can be done with the correct clippers. And I could not believe my ears, they do run academy as well!!!!! Something for me to look into. The biggest surprise from their stand was something I have never even thought, female cuts with clippers. Apparently you can use the clippers very much in the same way than you would use a razor. They can give you a soft, but textured finish and are excellent to cut a long hair, that's right, cut it, not to shave it. In front of my eyes they created a nice bob!
Absolutely something to look into. And I must admit that their stage show was quite something. There was a young martial artist girls kicking into the air and showing off her skills. Impressive, and very different. I liked it a lot. Free stuff was thrown to the audience, unfortunately I got nothing..... The show lasted 45 minutes and it was worth of watching. I learned a lot, and got some ideas. So watch out dolly, here comes my cordless clippers......

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