Monday, 13 October 2008

Picture taken by Alexander

I just wanted to share this. Nothing to do with hairdressing, but I think this is brilliant boost for my eldest son, who took a picture of an accident in Finland and his picture has ended up to the web page on the front. And this is not a bad picture, considering it was taken with a phone camera. I have seen worst! Well done Alexander!

A motor biker had fallen off from his bnike and hurt his arm. You see, even though there was a recent shooting in our school, when this makes it to the headlines, you can tell that nothing much really happens in there. And even though a columnist from a news paper asks us to look at our children, well in a country where almost 100% of children can read, there is no teen age pregnancies in a measure that there are in here, yeah, people consume lots of alcohol, but binge drinking is a common habbit in UK too, so we are not that bad. So the only thing I would maybe put the finger on, would be our geological location on the top of the big ball, but then again there is nothing much we can do about that. As a result of this location, our country gets a very little day light during the winter months and this may cause a depression. However, this has been taken into the consideration and lots of companies use the day light bulbs. However, when it is summer, the sun does not go down at all. And by the way, the shooting happened in the school where my mother used to go to do her vocational college. Scary....

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