Sunday, 19 October 2008

Level of Understanding

Today I have been spending my time effectively. I have been studying. I thought that fine, if they don't want to take me to school then I just learn it by my self.
I have also filled an application form to another college in the area. I really want to start my level 3 next September and can't wait to get that all done. They will hold an interview and a practical test. I don't mind. I show them what I can do.

I have been reading about the pigments and tones in a natural hair. A piece of a puzzle has locked in and I feel I am learning. Feels really good. I am planning to master the theory of level 3 on my own and then I can cut the time of my studying, cause I can just hopefully write the papers off. So fingers crossed, I will get all of that done in a super fast time.
I find the colors that I use, very easy to use and I do think that the use of addititives and corrections have been made easy to understand.

Tomorrow I am going to Salon International and I would like to find a manufacturer who arranges advanced color courses, so I will be able to add into my skills. I don't mind to pay a little bit of that, but find, that the rates my college was asking this year to do my course is much more higher than what the other colleges are offering. Currently I have seen a £500 difference. And I was going to pay for it by my self. I can't stop wondering, where does the difference come into a picture? Neither is a private schools, they both are colleges that offer the same qualifications. I am confused.... but when it comes to a decision time, then it is obvious that I will choose the cheaper one.

I also am in the process of applying my state registration number. I hope it will go through soon. Then I will be on their list when people are looking for the hairdressers and also, it does give the image of being more professional. And to be honest, when I will apply the place to do a level 3, then at least I can proof that to me this is not a hobby, but a serious way to get an income.
And I do believe these organisations are a good way to deepen the knowledge and get some more information.
In the mean time, I will keep reading my books and learn more and more and add to my knowlegde.

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