Monday, 13 October 2008

Magical winter wonder land

I went to East Ham today to do hair for a finnish lady who has lived in UK for 30 odd years. Funnily she still has her finnish accent when she is talking in finnish. She is from up north. We spoke about what do you miss from our country. I know that I miss the nature the most. Of coarse the family, we all do, but apart from the family, it would have to be a nature. The trees just aren't the same in here, the winter, well the magic of snow is missing and in the summer, I don't think that there is another like the summer in Finland with the sun never going down. It is funny how you can just have a common grounds with someone you just met and they know exactly what you are talking about. But I suppose these are the things that only your country man can understand, where ever you come from. How weird to have a connection with strangers.


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Adventurous Ammena said...

i can def relate to your 'connection with strangers' being here.. I latch onto british accents, esp those northern ones were we have more to talk about and im more likely to know where they are from :D
Nice vid masha'allah