Sunday, 12 October 2008

Add some color!

This week end I have been doing high lights. Lots of them, full heads, half heads. Different colors and tones, and they all love theirs.

I have been changing the color from too much gold to little bit more ash and making up colors as we did not have the suitable one. I have to keep the record of my mixtures too, because otherwise I will have a big problem when I need to go back and do the re-growth.

I got my tickets to Salon International. I can't wait. I am expecting to see some amazing tips on how to work hair, I would like to see one of the superstars of the industry at work, would love to get some nice freebies and of coarse with the good exhibition manner, would love to get some real bargains! It is in one weeks time, so I hope I have lots of pics and tips in my pocket after next Monday.
I went to Capital on Friday too and got my self Matrix color books on semis! Look at them colors! Purples, pinks, nice mahogany browns, lovely colors to add a bit spice on your life and the best thing is, they wash off in up to 8 washes! And there is a clear one to add shine on hair, so anyone with really dry hair without any shine, this would be perfect to add a little bit of zing zang like I say. I will post some pics once I have created something out of this world.

Friday night I came home 2 am and I was absolutely shattered on the Saturday, when I went to do my old college friend and her mum. I nearly fell asleep in a car when I was waiting them in the car park, because they have been shopping. I must say thought that earlier that day, I have been in a market to look for salons for a part time job. My dream salon has not been calling, so I thought It wont harm me to look something else too. I went to two salons, one women only but they were looking for nail technician, not a hairdresser. I do have a certificate, but I don't like doing them. I just like to stick on manicures and pedicures when doing nails. I got some bookings and my diary starts to look fairly busy, alhamdulillah! Got couple of day appointments this week and couple evenings waiting for confirmation.

I now am hoping that my business starts growing a bit more, Christmas is coming and I think that all the hairdressers will get a bit more busier. I am ready, and waiting the phone to ring!

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