Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Gingerbread art

Last couple of days everyone in my family, except me, have been ill. So I have found myself working early in the morning ( hairdressing clients ), and then come home, tidy up and pamper everyone. So, I desided to pamper them with home made gingerbread, which I molded on the shape of the mosque. You see, in scandinavia gingerbread houses are a tradition, the best of them are really stunning. Now, my peace of art is not as skillfull as the real masters on this craft, however, I am quite sure that this would be the first gingerbread mosque ever produced. And with a little practise and developping this may become our new Eid tradition!!!!

I have made everything by myself from the scratch: Obviously gingerbread dough, icing ( mixed icing sugar, food coloring and water ), glued parts together with melted sugar ( that is a fire hazard, so if you try be careful ), and again the arch on the roof has been made from melted sugar. I suppose I could have decorated the base by making flowers from icing, but this time I desided to keep this simple. Although, I must say I had an idea of getting some rocks and "tieing" the camels on it with a sugary tie. But this will do this time, next time I will put a little bit more thought into this and see what could i do. I am now searching some pastry cutters on a palm tree shape.....


Anonymous said...

Wow, thats cool Paivi, masha Allah!!
Melika x

NiDa said...

Lol sis this is awsomeee mashaAllah - i could soo use some of that ginger bred mosque :D!!!

Cute blog too - I rili wish I had a muslimah hair dresser near me - Im in desperate need a of a hair do! *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Salams, its nice mashaALlah but not the first one ;)
I know at least few others that have been made before. I like to make them for the Eid as well.