Saturday, 20 December 2008

Noras corner

I have now some new products on sale in my shop. These are for hair and there for a trial to see how they go..... inshAllah people will be interested. Anyone who wants to have a peak, this is the address:-

I am still hunting the hijabs and jilbabs and even though I am turning some serious rocks around, it seems that the reasonable price ones are really hard to find. For some reason all the wholesalers seem to think that just because you live in the European country, your pockets are bursting of money... How can they sell the same hijabs to Arab countries with a friction of the price they sell them in here? This really goes out of my understanding. But I will not give up, I suppose I need to pay a visit to Whitechappel one of these days.....

I went to Stratford to do a cut last night. On the way back I had enough time to pop in to smyths toy shop and I found a nice knitting kit for Lina for her birthday. She has been watching me doing things and is keen to learn how to do them by her self. That is nice, at least some of the traditions will be passed down in the family.

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Adventurous Ammena said...

ooh.. i love whitechapel!!!