Tuesday, 23 December 2008

I wish we could all be perfect!

Before anyone thinks anything, this picture has been drawn to me bu my lovely daughter and I took a picture of it to make sure that I don't loose it. I just thought that this time this could be the perfect pic for this blog.

I belong to Finnish muslim womans forum too, and replied to a post with regards of muslim women travelling on their own. As I believe the hadith says, we should not travel a tip lenght of one night and one day without a mahram. I posted that I work as a mobile hairdresser and sometimes, exspecially before Eid, we are working to the early hours of next morning with cuts and colors. I had one reply from someone saying, would you take your hijab off if your husband would ask you to? As she sees it I do wrong by working and driving the car on my own to the clients house..... errrrrmmm, those of you who know me, well you know what is about to come out from my mouth, how ever I put it here nicely..... I am an independent woman with a family, with a motgage and a trade skill that is needed even in London as there not too many of us who are working only with ladies. Surely muslim ladies are more comfotable to get their hair done by another muslim as this person would understand their world. So what am I missing here? Why are some of use so judgemental and would like to knock down every effort of a "normal life" which can include being a muslim. I make sure that myu husband knows all the addresses that I have been called to, and I guard my dignity. I go to the houses and if the men are there, they usually go to another room, these ladies know the rules too, they will not leave me alone with their husbands or grown sons. I would not work on anyones house on those hours, but before Eid it is different. And then it is only muslim women.
I must say I did reply to this basicly saying, well we all need to make our living somehow, there are no free gifts in this world and that we really should not judge each others, but support and understand. The first thing that popped into my mind though was: " How lovely it is to live in a such a supporting islamic community!" After this I really appreciate to live in UK, this just goes tho show how little Finland is and how small are the circles in there. I love my country, but it is the cases like this that make me think that I am really lucky to have moved away.
I am just dissappointed to them now..... :(
Insh-Allah, one day...


Adventurous Ammena said...

hmm.. what has you taking off ur hijab got to do with the whole 'travelling with a mahram'?? hardly similar situations

Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

sometimes peep's need not be so judgemental not every one has the so called perfect life, your job is quite safe and would meet Islamic criteria i feel in comparission to an office job say shared by all the sexes, free mixing ect. So does traveling to work the office i mean become haram too? What would women do if they could not work? Esp if the need was there?