Friday, 19 December 2008

It is that time of the year again!


I am sooo busy, have not had any time to log into the internet and this makes me feel a bit guilty, like I would be rejecting some of my friends.
I know, it does sound a bit sad to have virtual friends, but on the other hand we are living in the very small and virtual world now. Last night I came home 12 o'clock, did a long hair color and there was lots of it too. It does take time, my darling husband was on the sofa waiting for me, which is kind of sweet, but he was not sweet enough to help my stuff inside :( . I had to do it all by myself.

I need to build my brand during this christmas. Now when the clientele is growing alhamdulillah, I feel that I should offer a proper brand for my clients. My little boy has been ill now 4 days and at the moment he is a very grumpy young man. The last three days I have been spending building the gingerbread houses to my kids school and desided with the kids that we are going to build a gingerbread mosque during the holidays. I will post the pics once this is all done. Unfortunately all of those gingerbread art things come with the price: my fingertips are burned with the hot sugar..... that is painful, if you don't need that kind of pain into your life, don't try it at home. On typing this my index finger feels really weard cause it has a massive blister on it and I am typing like throught the cushions.

I am thinking of changing my ebay shop a bit more muslim friendly, I am considering taking on more hair products but also looking into selling hijabs and jilbabs on line. Inshallah this will lead into a having a proper internet shop, at the moment it is a bit boring, and I think that I do need a bit more challenge. The problem is where to find a good wholesaler who is selling with a good price. It is almost like they charge too much, never mind of selling the products on. I might have to look into arab countries to get my starting stock. I just am amazed with the prices online. Apart from that, the life is normal, there is way too much house work to do, but then again, we know that house work is an endless task, which never is finished. The laundry basket is challenging the limits of all physic laws and kids are running a riot for the new tighten up laws in the house. It is just so not fair!!!! ;)

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Candice said...

What is your ebay shop? I'd check it out. :)