Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Eid Mubarek!

Another one gone. We had just a little family due, nothing fancy or amazing. I suppose the kids will remember the party bit and I hope that as we do celebrate it as a family, it will over rule this christmas merchantise, which is everywhere at the moment. I have been working, did a wicked color couple of days ago and start to be fully booked (alhamdulillah) before christmas. This hair in the picture is done with Majirel 900s, bleach and Indola 6.66x. Apart from red Indola, color looks very natural and the color is in the good balance with natural tones. I am suprised that I did not have the normal running all over the place this year before Eid, normally people call me 2 days before and tell me that they want me to do their hair. This results me to come home 2 in the morning and still need to wake up to do some more work in the morning. This year was very good. No extra running, nice and relaxed time before Eid.

After new year I start to plan my own shop. This has been my dream for a long time and people who know me also know that I am planning to open ladies only shop into Barking. There is none and the growing muslim community should be good basis of the clientele in that area. Plus it is only about 10 minutes drive away from my home and I should be able to do the whole children and home thing and working at the same time. I will not rent the permisses quite yet and I am only looking for a small place. I will ask deara darling husband to help me with the decoration, because I will not pay lots of money to get all the stuff, this salon is made with savings on mind. I just frimly believe that there is no reason why I would not be able to achieve an elegant and stylish end result without spending lots of money. I am looking the shops like Ikea, lots of visiting on the freecycle and there are lots of companies that sell second hand salon furniture. I know that there are lots of setties on offer in freecycle, so I suppose that my waiting area will be furnished purely with free stuff.

I have been thinking of putting a moroccan style panel on the windows, I think curtains are so uninviting. I also think that there are cases, on which men need to maybe access to the permisses, like post man, so I am thinking of separating the reception area and the salon area. I am not sure about the name yet, so any suggestions are welcome. I am thinking of looking for a business partner, someone who could do beauty more as I am planning to put a treatment area into the shop. Still the dream, but I think that husband finally starts to get around the idea of me having my own shop. Can't wait to get my hands on this project....

Happy Eid everyone!

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