Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Linas birthday, 7 years now, mashallah!

Today we have been eating a cake, presented in a picture, made by me and I am not a professional so please excuse any mistakes with the decoration you may find. I bought her a knitting kit, with huge needles so it is easy to learn and thick thread. She loved it. I do attempt to get her something that keeps her busy, but not technology. I think that there are too many kids out there who have been pampered with so much technie things, that if you tell them let's go outside, they look at you as if you just came out of space. Well if you tell to my kids to go outside, you can not keep up with the speed they put their boots on and go to the garden to find slugs or other greepy grawlies. She now has started to make her own scarf with the huge needles and she loves it.
Preparations included me buying this massive cake tin for her cake, which I will utilise insh-Allah on other parties and thought even that I might make some cakes without a deco to sale. I am proud to say that what ever you see on the cake is made by me from the scratch! Well everything apart those rainbow springly things you put on the cake. They came from Asda, but everything else came from the ingredients in my cupboard. I did love it, but I love to make anything you can make with your own hands. And if there are any cake lovers out there who are reading my blog, well the place to go to shopping is . They have everything, it is a virtual candy shop for cake makers and others too. You can nearly smell the sugar when you look at those pictures. And oh so inspiring!!!!! I am sure that I was a baker in my previous life, well we don't really believe in that, but if we did, that is what I would think.

It is now nice and quiet in the hair department. People are finally got to the christmas spirit and relax at home. I did receive a phone call today for a haircut. She asked me if I would do a hair cut for someone who has got nits in their hair???? It would be as bad as ask me if I am suicidal! why not to ask if I wanted to start a massive infestation on my clients and loose my business! I know what has happened, she went to the salon and they found nits in her hair. She then was desperate and decided to call anyone to do her hair for the christmas. Good luck for her, but I would like to call her back and ask if anyone did it, cause I would not want to go to that hairdresser. The marks of the gingerbread house are still on my fingertips, they are bruised now. I did receive my camel pastry cutter today, so gingerbread mosque is on the drawing board. I will make the dough tomorrow insh-Allah and then bake the actual mosque the day after. I love this time of the year, I finally have the time to do all the things I love!!!!! Now all I need is a holiday, and I am working for it!

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seekingtaqwa said...

cake baking too huh???
looks good masha'allah..
kate xxx