Friday, 20 February 2009

To see if I'm smiling

After an intense following of the war in Palestine, the whole world seem to have gone quiet. All the sudden the flow of stories from that part of the world have stopped and there are lots of people who don't seem to have anything to say about the subject anymore.
And then out of the blue I found out that there is a documentary about women soldiers fighting in Israeli army. This document is called as the title above. It reveals how the Palestinians really are treated and how this affects on the serving soldiers. But, who is looking into the effect of the Palestinians? And why this documentary has not been shown in BBC or any other major channel, when I know that it has been on the air in Finland?
I would love to see this, I have not yet had the chance to do so, but I am not able to find this anywhere. I find the title and the list of film festivals it has been on, but the actual movie is hard to find.
If anyone who is reading this, will find the movie from somewhere, please send me a url. I do not know anymore where to look at, but still, this would be worth of watching, if for nothing else then to see the truth from the mouth of those who actually have been there and know what they are talking about.

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Adventurous Ammena said...

interesting, I would love to see this too. If you do find it sis, remember to let us all know insha'allah