Monday, 9 March 2009

So so busy and getting busyer...

I have been running my feet off for the last few weeks. There has not been much time to browse the internet or to see what is going on with my blog. Couple of weeks ago I went to Professional Beauty for the day and to be honest, this is the only time I have had for my self lately. As much as it is fun, but even this was not for the relaxing, it was for the work. I must say, it did give me the bounce and inspiration to start doing nails again. I had forgotten this skill of mine, so I am glad that they reminded me.
Bit by bit things start to get together and I see that actually, I have quite nice little beauty business going on.
I have also started my case studies, so I have now armed my massage bag with lovely Moroccan origin Jamine oil, and shea butter. I found them from the exhibition and they just are heavenly. It is the pleasure just to be in the same room with the oils. I would like to receive the treatment with them once by my self. Apparently they say that in Paris there is a salon which uses their products, I am thinking of a excape trip to France and pampering myself for a day... unfortunately, it is only a dream at the moment.
I have found a free website which I am building at the moment. Ofcoarse there are few problems as always with technology, but hopefully one day it is working as I would like it to. If you are interested to go and have a look, here is the link:
Now I am off to work again, this time for volonteers to a manicure and lovely nail varnish.

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