Monday, 9 February 2009

Lies, hate and crimes

Today I was watching BBC Panorama. They have sent the program about Gaza. they pointed out how Israeli soldiers have been in a killing frenzy by just killing anything that moves. They have shown how there was no justification for this war, and yet still Israeli government is insisting that the people who died by their hand, have been in fact killed by Hamas. What an insult! It does make me wonder, how can they separate them selves from the horrors of Nazi Germany and yet, do the same things by them selves. This is hypocrisy! Even though I have not written about Gaza, I still am willing to help any way I can, I am now selling the soaps, boycotting actively any goods from Israel, boycotting shops with connections to Israel, and doing the reverse action by selling Palestinian goods. Today in the program I saw a Palestinian doctor, who lost 3 of his daughters in the war, by Israeli attack on his house. He was angry, by a good reason and yet, the minister of the Israeli government claimed that there was weapons by his house! There is no end of the lies and cover ups that this government is doing. In the news they are speculating that maybe Israel is heading to right wing government. I think that this is ridiculous. It already is right wing government. They took the land of the Palestinian farmers and they expect them to be quiet. Where is the justice, or is it just for the powerful ones?

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